know your pork

One of the most commonly consumed meats in the world, pork is versatile and flavourful. Enjoy fresh cut roasts, cured or smoked ham and prosciutto, or the combined preparation method which gives bacon or pancetta. While pork specifically refers to fresh pig meat, it has become an all inclusive term to refer to all preparations of the meat. Pork is also a main ingredient in many deli items like sausages and cold cuts. Like beef, pork is divided into cuts, the most tender of which come from the rib and the loin. Our trained butcher can help you assess your culinary needs and recommend a cut that is sure to make the grade.

boston butt

Cut from the upper shoulder, the Boston Butt consists of the neck, shoulder and upper arm. The meat is moderately tough with much connective tissue and so is generally favoured for roasting, braising or stewing, or for mincing which is used in sausages or ground pork.  

picnic shoulder

This cut is typically quite tough and is often prepared smoked or cured. It is good for grinding or for sausage meat.  


A preferred cut of pork, the loin can have up to 17 ribs yielding more than lamb or beef. Tenderloin is cut from the rear of the loin and the popular baby back ribs from the upper rib cage part of the loin. Pork loin can be enjoyed whole and roasted, or cut into chops and cutlets.  


The back leg of the pig is called ham and can refer to fresh, smoked or cured preparations. The Italian cure proscuitto comes from this cut, as does the favoured Spanish Serrano, preparations which are cured, smoked and air dried. Fresh ham is most often cooked whole and roasted but can be cut into steaks as well.  


Spareribs are taken from the belly side of the pig, where the ribs join the breastbone.  


The head of the pig is most often used in sausage making but can also be used in bacon manufacture.  

pork feet

Pork feet cook best through a slow simmer which tenderises the meat and breaks down the connective tissue. It is most often found in soups and stews. This cut is high in collagen and gelatine.  


Bacon and pancetta are cut from the fatty but flavourful side or belly.