We understand that there isn’t always time to plan ahead, and when you are hungry it can be difficult to make good choices. Our deli offers fast, convenient food options that are healthy as well as delicious. Choose from our selection of salads and sandwiches, wraps and yogurt cups. All are made fresh daily on site. We use bread from our bakery, warm and delicious, cold cuts and cheeses right from our very own deli, and vegetables direct from our suppliers so you know that our deli really is fresh.

Nothing on offer exactly to your liking, or following a special nutritional plan? You can visit our delicatessen to design your own combination for breakfast or lunch on the go. Our deli counter staff are happy to tailor to your particular needs. Our deli is food your way, the healthy way.


Nutritious, colourful and delicious, our deli salads are the perfect lunch-on –the-run solution, especially for the health conscious. We use fresh ingredients daily and our dressings are gourmet, instantly transforming humble vegetables into a fiesta for the palate.


These aren't just any sandwiches. Our deli combinations are made with bread fresh from our bakery, and our deli cold cuts and delicious cheeses. This is the ultimate lunch-to-go.

fruit salads

Seasonal fresh, bold and delicious, try our fruit salads made on site daily for a burst of juicy flavour and a boost of essential vitamins and minerals. Perfect any time of day as breakfast, a mid-morning snack or lunch, you can’t go wrong with our deli fruit salad.