We are proud to bring the best in local and international products to the consumer, responsibly, consistently and affordably.

Some of the most important decisions we make every day are about food. From purchase to preparation, we believe that good food choice is a consumer right. That’s why the breadth of our selection. And that’s why we think that you should be able to get your favourite products every time.

We also believe that our responsibility to the consumer does not end with a purchase. From harvest to table, food is as much an experience as it is sustenance. Learn about our international wine and cheese selection and read about how to pair them; consult our healthy living column to optimise health - we stock specialty items that cater to particular health needs or lifestyle choices; find inspiration in some of our easy palate pleasing recipes. Visit fresh to go to find out about our breakfasts and lunches on the run. Visit our delicatessen and our bakery pages to learn about the assortment of delectable treats in store. We also have information about meat cuts and how best to find value for money so that when you visit our skilled in-store butcher you can specify your preference.