Butcher Counter and Freshly Packed Seafood

Meats cut to your choice by our trained butchers. Kebabs, steaks, pork chops, ground burgers seasoned chicken breast and much more at our Butcher Counter. Choose from Freshly packed seafood from our case with regulars like dorado, tuna, snapper fillet, kingfish and many more.


Fresh Ground Coffee

The aroma of Fresh Ground Coffee from all over the world, Columbian, Kenyan, Italian, Costa Rican, Spanish, Ethiopian, Jamaican and more.  Select your beans, place a spoonful in the grinder and grind.


Small Home Appliances and House Wares

We are closer to a one-stop shop for your kitchen with the introduction of small home appliances and house wares, small electrical appliances, Kitchen utensils and more.


Certified Organic Produce

Take your love for produce up-a- notch with certified organic produce including nectarines, peaches, celery, fugi apple, pink crisps apples, red delicious apples, gala apples, baby carrots, mushrooms, grape and cherry tomatoes, Kiwi and more.