Youth gain film making skills and environmental knowledge
9 October, 2019

The Caribbean Youth Film Festival sponsored through the Massy Stores (SLU) Environmental fund was a success. The fifteen young persons who attended the programme during the summer vacation, were able to harness skills in film making and get a better understanding of reusable waste. In that regard they were challenged to produce films on reusable waste which could be shared with their peers to help change habits.

During the closing ceremony last week four of the workshop attendees Kristian Lawrence, Aaliyah Noelien, Kyraa Amédeé and nGeri George received special prizes of electronic items from Massy Stores Home, for their overall outstanding contribution to the workshop, their high level of participation in the daily sessions and their contributions to group work and the final film.

The three short films produced during the workshop - Life of a Plastic Bag, One Man’s Trash and Money Cycling, were also featured during the closing.

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