SSDF and Massy Stores launch "Our Boys Matter"
5 February, 2018
Author: Sariah Best-Joseph

Thursday February 1st was a proud one for Massy Stores (SLU) Ltd. Working with the St. Lucia Social Development fund (SSDF) the supermarket retailer  launched a life changing initiative at the Boys Training Centre. This programme dubbed “Our Boys Matter” will see young boys at the centre receiving much needed Productivity Enhancement Training (self-management/awareness, conflict resolution, communication, and job search skills) as well as Mentorship to help set them on a path to growth and renewal of their lives, away from deviant and other life threatening behaviors.

Massy Stores (SLU)  is the sole sponsor of this initiative, which the company  hopes will start a process for transformation of boys in St. Lucia away from many of the ills that currently impact their wholeness. The company’s Managing Director had the opportunity to greet and chat with all of the boys before the ceremony.

Three of Massy Stores certified male mentors (Montgomery Forde, Betram Best and Omare Moses) along with other Massy staff were on hand for the launch. This PILOT PROGRAMME at the Boys Training Centre is 15 weeks long. Once completed, it will help to inform a wider National Programme for Boys (at risk, vulnerable boys from secondary schools) which we will also be leading on and funding later this year.

This initiative mirrors the Massy Trinidad funded “Boys to Men Programme: Rites of Passage” project which has been in existence in that country since 2005.

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