Press Release
12 August, 2019

Massy Stores (SLU) Ltd. wishes to sincerely apologize to customers for an issue regarding the packaging of its People’s Choice Flour, which today resulted in a high level of customer dissatisfaction and media speculation about the quality of the product.

The company explains that it received a shipment of product from its supplier Barbados Mills mid-July. Following inspection, it was noted that some bales of the product carried a January 2019 best before date. Upon contacting the supplier to inform of this development, Massy Stores (SLU) Ltd. was informed that some of the bales within the shipment had been erroneously stamped with the incorrect best before dates. Following documentation from the manufacturing plant to substantiate this information, the supplier requested that the error be corrected locally, by affixing the new best before label (January 2020) to the product. This was done and communicated to the Ministry of Commerce, which issues licenses to retailers for the importation of flour into the country.

While emphasizing that the relabeled product has not expired and that this was a labelling error at the packaging plant, Massy Stores Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications Sariah Best-Joseph says, “We apologize to our valued customers and the general public and sincerely apologize for this situation. The action taken was purely to correct the error. In discussion with our supplier Barbados Mills earlier today, we agreed and accepted that there may have been other corrective actions which should have been explored in this situation.”

Massy Stores (SLU) Ltd. wishes to reassure customers that we value the integrity of the products offered to our customers. We honour product best before and expiry dates on products and voluntarily remove products, which do not meet our standards of quality. Wework very closely with the regulatory agencies, including the Department of Consumer Affairs, the St. Lucia Bureau of Standards and the Ministry of Health on food quality and safety matters as well as product recalls.

To prevent any further customer discomfort Massy Stores has removed all relabeled People’s Choice flour from its shelves. We are also working assiduously to ensure that another batch of inventory is available for our customers at the soonest possible time.

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