More Than a Hair Cut - Massy Stores Teams Up with Cutty Ranks Barber Shop
2 February, 2017
Author: Sariah Best-Joseph

For five (5) years now Cutty Ranks Barbershop has been promotion good personal hygiene and self-confidence among youth; one school at a time. The Community Outreach and Grooming Programme is the brain child of Barber Bannah Seffren (owner of Cutty Ranks Barber Shop) and his wife Janna and sees the care of over two thousand students (2,000) from over 33 schools every year.

In addition to the hair grooming service, which is offered free of charge to underprivileged students; the Cutty Ranks team also invest their time in educating students on the importance of personal hygiene. They share useful information on daily grooming and in some cases treat student who suffer from common ailments of the scalp.

For four (4) years now Massy Stores has done its part to support the project through its annual donation of grooming supplies and products. At a small presentation held last week, the Cutty Ranks team received a generous quantity of barber supplies from the food retailer. The package included rubbing alcohol, toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner and deodorants, which are all essentials for the programme.

Speaking during the presentation Mr. Suffren referred to the support as timely, given the extent of the needs of the programme and the rate by which it has grown. "We are truly appreciative to Massy Stores for it’s continuous assistance to keep this programme a success. Although the programme is growing in terms of demand, there are still those who are turned down due to a lack of resources.

During the presentation, the Massy Stores Marketing team praised the Cutty Ranks team for initiating the outreach project. Massy Stores is happy to support the project, which aims to build the young men and their self-esteem; one hair cut at a time.

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