Massy Stores (SLU) recognised internationally for greening initiatives
14 March, 2019

International Awards for Greening initiatives

Janice Lionel of Massy Stores (SLU) presents the company’s best practice on green technology

Massy Stores (SLU) received two awards at the International Grocers Alliance (IGA) Global Rally held in San Diego last month. The supermarket chain was among thirteen of seventy supermarkets across the globe who received an award for Best Practices. The company’s best practice submission focused on the installation of LED lights, efficient refrigeration and HVAC systems, and solar PV systems at the company’s supermarket locations. These efforts demonstrate Massy Stores (SLU) commitment to the reduction of fossil fuel energy consumption, its focus on business continuity (considering we are in a hurricane-prone zone), and its environmental social responsibility. The submission entitled “St. Lucia Stores Take a Risk with Green Technology That Pays Off” can be found here

The company also received an award for Outstanding and Inspiring Retail Innovation for its partnership with a local Waste Recovery company (Jua Kali Ltd.). Here the focus is on a recycling project designed to reduce the growing volume of waste going into the country’s landfills, while turning waste into useful material. Jua Kali set up Pop up waste recovery depots were set up outside of various Massy Sores to facilitate the drop off of unwanted plastic and glass containers by supermarket customers and the general public. Customers who dropped off waste materials earned Massy Stores loyalty points as well as promotional items in exchange. Through the nine day pilot project the waste recovery company was able to recover 5.3 metric tonnes of waste from the public, which has been diverted from the national landfill. The focus is on re-using these materials to extend their shelf life, create new, productive, useful and value added goods, all within the local economy and set up of a small-scale plastic processing operation, which the waste recovery company is in the process of seeking funding to develop. They are to create value-added plastic products for the building sector by producing plastic paneling for windows, plastic lumber etc. Over 600 bottles have been re-distributed (sold) to a local wine producer, a local honey producer, a local distillery, and a number of independent vendors. The rest of the recovered glass is also being kept for further value added processing, which will be possible once the necessary equipment is secured.

Janice Lionel and Sariah Best Joseph with the IGA President John Ross, Chairman Mark Batenic

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