Massy Stores ‘Unity in Community’ Gives Dunnotar a Facelift
14 March, 2017

The finished product , powered washed and paintedThe Dunnotar School’s development centre is the first beneficiary of Massy Stores’ ‘Unity in Community’ outreach for 2017.

The centre provides a wide range of services for children and young adults with developmental challenges.  The special needs institution requires regular upkeep and Massy Stores, through its ‘Unity in Community’ programme, has given the school a much-needed facelift. 

The supermarket chain’s team of volunteers embarked on a two-part beautification which included roof cleaning and power washing as part one and a fresh coat of paint for the building as part two. The school’s principal Antonia Joseph was full of gratitude for the gesture by the team of twenty-one.

“It’s only a few years since this center was established. However, it is very hard to maintain the physical structure of it, due to the weather. We had a lot of mildew on the building, the paint had already faded away, and we wanted it to still look nice and inviting for the students and the staff,” she said.

Volunteer Dunstan Demille says he is always happy to be on such projects which allow his company to provide support and service to communities, schools, and service clubs.

Kids of the centre in a work session with facilitators“At Massy, we believe in strengthening our communities. The same love and care we want our staff to pass on to our customers, we try to pass it on to the community too. We have to care about the communities. Those are the same people who come to our stores and shop,” he said, adding that “we don’t want to be that corporate company that overlooks our communities. We want to be there with them and give them support. It is something we feel strongly about and take very seriously.”

Massy Employee Jovan Thomas is new to ‘Unity in Community’ and says he embraced Massy Stores’ spirit of volunteerism which allows him to give meaningful service to those who need it in a hands-on, incredible way.

“Volunteerism is very important to Massy on a whole. The Company takes part in initiatives in communities across Saint Lucia and this is important because whatever you can give back to the community, it is the same community that comes to shop in the supermarkets and support the services we provide,” he said.

He said the day’s work was challenging, but rewarding.

School Principal says thank you to Massy volunteers“It’s been quite an experience. Painting is not as easy as it looks and it takes a certain skill to get the job done, but overall it was a great experience. It was my first time painting and I look forward to doing it again.”

The ‘Unity in Community Programme started four years ago to coincide with the company’s 10th anniversary celebrations. The programme is founded on the principles of volunteerism, social and community development, by working with charitable and non-profit organisations.

Since its inception, the Unity in Community Programme has supported many projects including the construction of a Walk-Under Roof at the Grand Riviere Primary School, new changing rooms for the Aduka Park in Micoud and the refurbishment of the Anse-la-Raye Parish Hall to include wheelchair access, as well as providing service and support to environmental and beautification activities in the north and south of the island.

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