La Clery tops 2nd Annual Massy Stores Awards
16 March, 2017
Author: Sariah Best-Joseph

Customer Choice Award goes to Rodney Heights StoreMassy Stores La Clery Supermarket emerged Location of the Year at the company’s annual recognition ceremony in February. The awards evening which took the form of a dinner, recognized staff members and locations that had excelled in various areas in 2016. In addition to excellent job performance and accomplishments, the evening was also a celebration of the emphasis given to living the company’s core values of honesty and integrity, love and care, growth and continuous improvement, responsibility, collaboration and respect.

Guest Speaker Gualbert Charles (a former employee of the company) highlighted the importance of creating a company culture that emphasized the values as guiding principles. His message to the team highlighted their role in making this a reality by living the values on the job and in everyday life.

La Clery Store Manager Leslie Anne Gustave collects Location of the year AwardIt was all smiles and a very proud moment as the Team Member and Supervisor of each of Massy Stores fourteen locations were presented with various prizes including cash and trophies. Awards were also presented for Customer Service Excellence and living the Spirit of Massy Stores.

Congratulating the thirty five awardees Managing Director Martin Dorville noted the transformations he had seen in many team members over the years, which he considered a key factor to the overall success of the business. Thanking the awardees for the level of dedication, commitment and in some instances tremendous sacrifice, Dorville urged all to stay positive and create a positive atmosphere in the workplace.

Managing Director congratulates Jesse Stephan on Spirit of Massy Award“I am inspired and motivated by the many stories that got you to this place this evening, where you can be recognized as outstanding Massy Stores team members. I am proud to work alongside such formidable, energized  team members as yourselves, “he said.  

The second annual awards ceremony was held at the Landings Hotel at Pigeon Island. The setting provided an opportunity for those being recognized to meet and to interact socially outside the work environment.

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