Jua Kali Ltd. gets more support from Massy Stores
18 June, 2018
Author: Sariah Best-Joseph

Jua Kali Ltd collecting chequeThe partnership between Massy Stores and Jua Kali Ltd., has been strengthened. Last year the Jua Kali team, which is focused on waste recovery and recycling could be seen outside Massy Stores collecting plastic and bottles from the public, in exchange for Massy loyalty points. Through this pilot project the local startup company was able to recover 5.3 metric tonnes of waste from the public.

Earlier this month Massy stores presented the organization with a cheque of $17,200 which will be used for processing and preparation of the recovered materials received to its next best use.

In presenting the company with the over $17,000 cheque, Managing Director of Massy Stores, Martin Dorville highlighted the partnership as a critical one, which signifies and attests to Massy’s continued commitment to Environmental Sustainability by helping to foster a pro recycling business environment in St. Lucia.

Laura John, CEO and Founder of Jua Kali Ltd. says “waste and how we deal with it is an increasingly urgent issue faced by most Small Island Developing States like Saint Lucia.”

She says the loyalty points incentive provided by Massy stores last year was a push for customers to take the time, do the work, clean the materials bottles and take the time to drop off to the collection depots located outside Massy stores. 

John says with the continued support of Massy stores, Jua Kali Ltd. is poised to take advantage of opportunities in this sector and pioneer bold and innovative approaches that have real and positive economic, social and environmental impacts.

Growing amounts of waste are critical environmental threats; crammed landfills, contaminate the soil and streams, and pollute the air. Waste management in particular plastic waste has recently become a highly emotive issue in countries around the world with programmes like Blue Planet exposing its impact on the oceans, and regular media coverage highlighting the dangers of a global plastic binge.

Here in St. Lucia Massy Stores recently announced a decision to cut back on single use plastic shopping bags within its operations by transitioning customers to the use of reusable bags.

Jua Kali Ltd. has a strong social mission built into its business model. This aligns closely with Massy’s Force for Good philosophy and purpose of developing communities, creating value, and transforming life as the backbone of the business.

Dorville says “this philosophy drives our every interaction with shareholders, the environment, and the people with whom we work.”

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